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My wife and I together with my 96 year old mother recently attended a garden party at The Oaks where we had a lovely afternoon meeting the staff and residents. The gardens are so peaceful and well kept and we were overwhelmed by the care and individual attention given to the residents by the staff. A very pleasant time was had by us all.
Peter T
Son of Resident
Staff look after my sister very well as they do everyone they are always on hand to help and always have a smile.Everyone knows my sisters name with a lot of people there i am amazed everyone is very well cared for.
Bernie G
BROTHER of Resident
All the staff are extremely kind. They call a GP, dietician etc if required. They encourage participation in activities and trips out. The food is appetising and served with care. Clothes are washed regularly and my husband always looks tidy. Staff phone me to report any changes or concerns. They always give a warm welcome to visitors and thank them for coming. They do their best to keep a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in the lounge and are very patient in the way they deal with residents. I am very grateful for their care, help and support.
WIFEof Resident
My mum has been cared for by The Oaks since August 2020. Despite it being such an uncertain time, the staff and management have worked with us to get the best of visits and contact. They have taken the necessary precautions when needed to keep Mum safe, introduced invaluable video calls and window visits, and have gone above and beyond to progress and ease restrictions when possible. Even when we were unable to physically see my mum, we always knew she was in safe hands. My mum has behavioural challenges, and the staff not only care for her, but they actually care about her and show genuine love and respect for her, which we are so grateful for. I have no doubt in recommending The Oaks to prospective residents and their families, and under its new management, I can only see it improving further.
Rene C
Daughter of Resident
My husband has lived here for over 15 years. In that time his needs have varied considerably but he has always received very good care. I cannot fault the care and attention he receives from the wonderful staff here.
Wife of Resident
My mother has been cared for at The Oaks for 7 years now. During this time the staff have been welcoming and friendly during visits and we feel comfortable our mum is in good hands. Any changes we are notified of. Although challenging at times, these experience-qualified staff cater for Mum's individual needs. Presenting challenging behaviour requires skill and empathy. I know each time that Mum is in a good place, with caring people, trained and have that empathy and knowledge to make Mum feel comfortable in her later years. Mum says all staff are like family, and that's nice to hear. Although Mum would prefer to be in her own home she realises she is in a good place. Communication between the nursing home and family is good. Lockdown due to COVID has put an enormous amount of stress on care homes and residents as well as families wishing to visit loved ones. The Oaks always put the residents safeguarding at the forefront so we are hopeful we can do video calls to Mum soon.
Amanda A
Daughter of Resident
This Care home is all that I could have wished for given my past experience of health care. Every aspect of my mother in law's life has been managed very well. The staff are the best and look after her as if she was there own and love her to bits. Despite having end of life care her quality of life is the best that she has had in a long time. I cannot begin to explain the weight and worry that such caring staff has taken from the family. To see the loving care that the staff, originally from other countries before making the UK their home is both amazing and humbling. Without them, I do not see how such homes could survive. As far as my mother in law is concerned regarding her health the worst is yet to come and it is a great comfort to know that she is not alone and much loved and cared for.
Derek W
Son-in-law of Resident
I find The Oaks Care Home a very caring place for my mother. All staff have been kind and helpful to mum and me. My mum seems very happy.
Carole E
Daughter of Resident

My husband has lived here for over 15 years. In that time his needs have varied considerably but he has always received very good care. I cannot fault the care and attention he receives from the wonderful staff here.

Daughter of Resident

Our Philosophy

It’s central to our philosophy that we strive to value and enrich the lives of all our residents.

We offer companionship, security and first class care. We give all our residents the freedom to live their lives with the additional tailored support from us, should they need it.

Registered with the CQC, the independent regulator of health and social care in England.

Inspected and Rated

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